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Parrish backs out of River District

“I had lots of ideas for the building,” says hay farmer and Stonewall-Hawthorne county supervisor Chris Parrish, speaking of the River District Arts building which three weeks ago he’d offered to buy for $1.1 million. “Problem was, my ideas were…
Drugs, and a beach trip, in circuit court

A delay in a presentencing report enables a defendant in Rappahannock County Circuit Court to take a trip to the beach. Others who relapsed into drug use, or fled the continent, are not so lucky.
Sperryville column for June 23

The Hair Gallery goes west Kim Nelson of Amissville is a noted local equestrian, having studied at Morven Park International Equestrian Institute. She orchestrates popular county trail rides and provides not only horse training but riding lessons as well. Behind…
The Rapp for June 23

Fourth (Estate) Friday, The Inn at Little Washington's new weekly farmer's market, Middle Street Gallery's national parks-inspired show at Haley Fine Art and more in this week's The Rapp.
Wild Ideas: Giants emerge in Slate Mills

After overwintering three giant swallowtail caterpillars that had pupated, Slate Mills resident Robin Williams sees two emerge from their chrysalises as healthy adults this spring, in this week’s Wild Ideas column.
When Bailey met Terry

Gov. Terry McAuliffe, right, visiting the recently expanded Carfax headquarters in Centreville last week, gets down with Rappahannock resident (and Carfax CEO) Dick Raines — and Bailey, the Theatre dog.
The gym is now open

The staff at Mountainside Physical Therapy gathers for a group shot as a reminder that the gym is now open for public use on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings.
All the best to Brendan Martyn

Great things happen in small towns. For those of you who didn’t see RAAC Theatre’s production last weekend of “Red,” you missed out on two big events: a superb production starring the inimitable Howard Coon and the enchanting Brendan Martyn,…
More gun laws? Wrong answer.

I haven’t sent a letter to the editor in response to an opinion piece in about 20 years, but the whining drivel from Ellie Clark and Megan Smith has put me back at the keyboard. “Oh — if only a certain…