Inside this week’s News (Feb. 4)

This week's headlines: Whited of Washington, for Congress; Mercy mission; District Court: good news and bad news; Film Festival: Big plans for its second act; Unpaved Roadshow: Manuscript art of the Pennsylvania Germans; Letter: Oppose the ‘Airbnd bills’
Letter: Oppose the ‘Airbnd bills’

I ask that you oppose the proposed Limited Residential Lodging Act. Years ago, in choosing to live on agricultural property bounded by similarly zoned neighboring properties in rural Rappahannock County, my family and I chose the bucolic over the expedient,…
Please help the babies

Last year, I visited the Kings Children’s Home in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. I hand delivered donated funds to this home for abandoned and abused babies from Trinity Church, individual parishioners, family members, and many other Rappahannockers.
Inside this week’s News (Jan. 28)

This week's headlines: The Blizzard of 2016; ‘Outside the box’ sentence for probation violation; Profile: Turning scraps to treasures on Chester Gap; Wild Ideas: Wildlife in the snowpocalypse; Is there hope for historic Waterloo Bridge?; Missing the train
The Rapp for Jan. 28

Fourth Estate Friday • At the Theatre, a piano recital with song • Benevolent Fund’s Celebrity Waiters’ Dinner • Rapp at Home open house and new meeting times • Post features Kid Pan Alley
The 2016 election in Rappahannock

We’re still months away from the Big Vote this fall, but several key election-related events will happen in February and March. A rundown from Rappahannock County Director of Elections Kimberly McKiernan.

Dozens of folks gathered last Saturday evening (Jan. 16) for the fourth-annual Christmas tree bonfire on the Avon Hall property in Washington.
The Rapp for Jan. 21

Help your neighbors through the storm As this edition of RappNews goes to press, no one knows for sure what the weekend’s storm will bring us. Feet of snow? Power outages? The apocalypse? Whatever is in store, Rapp at Home…