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Letter: The elephant in the room

In my opinion, the most important candidate issues in these election forums were not discussed — those dealing with technology and those dealing with our Constitution. On technology: It has been an assumption, among some of the sponsors of these…
County: No cell provider, no lease

After a closed session following its regular monthly public meeting Monday afternoon, the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors decided to require the cell-tower company with which it’s been negotiating a potential lease of county-owned land to have at least one…
Broadband Forum: a chance to set goals

Those involved in next week’s Broadband Forum — 5:30 p.m. next Wednesday, July 8 at the Rappahannock County High School auditorium — see the public discussion as the community’s opportunity to lay out its goals for broadband internet access. The…
Some snow, some salt, more brine

Rappahannock's supervisors are told that VDOT studied the alternatives to rock salt — as a resolution passed by the supervisors in April had requested — but that no major change to snow and ice removal policies is planned.
What’s all the digging?

Projects underway in Rappahannock County will bring about single-container recycling next month, and possible higher-speed mobile broadband at some future date.

At the school board meeting on Dec. 9, I was terribly surprised and dismayed at how unfairly the citizens opposing cell towers at school locations were treated when they finally got the opportunity to speak.  After patiently waiting for an hour…
The Rapp for July 10

Gray Ghost Winery celebrates 20 years this weekend, Kevin Adams (and two RCHS Panthers) paint a mural for CCLC, Laurel Mills reopens under new management and more in this week’s Rapp column.
Country air, meet Airbnb

A ruling in the New York Supreme Court could have far-reaching implications for renters on and, and all who rent their rooms in more traditional ways — including the B&Bs and tourist homes of Rappahannock County.
Editorial: Healthy competition

“You can’t fight city hall!” used to be the old adage expressing the powerlessness of the individual. Nowadays, however, “You can’t fight Comcast!” (and its ever-bigger cable monopoly) seems more appropriate.

Electric lights began to twinkle in U.S. cities in 1910, but two decades later our farmlands, mountainsides and small towns remained in the dark. Today, there are echoes of that slow progression in the country(side)'s lack of broadband internet, writes…