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Clark Hollow Ramblings: What a shame

I hadn’t intended to write anything more about the survey and the Foothills agenda, but it seems to be the topic du jour, so I will tell you what is sticking in my craw about the whole thing.
Clark Hollow Ramblings: I must be jinxed

I am beginning to think I must be jinxed. Between me and my bride, we have had three or four  collisions with deer in our vehicles. I shouldn’t complain. No one got hurt, the insurance company has been very understanding…
Clark Hollow Ramblings: Crook neck squash for all

We have been visited with an accidental and unanticipated abundance of yellow crook neck squash. Don’t get me wrong, I happen to like them, fixed in various ways, but this is crazy. After I took up the onions about the…
Clark Hollow Ramblings: Still in the book club

When so much of our reading these days is from computers, iPads and other electronic devices, Richard Brady hopes the love of reading the printed word on paper is not being lost, in this week's Clark Hollow Ramblings.