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Town resident joins Konick suit

Though the Washington Town Council conducted its business Monday night in another just-under-an-hour-long monthly meeting at town hall, most of the news from town again came from the other end of Gay Street — at the Circuit Court clerk’s office.
Grand larceny case goes to grand jury

In Rappahannock County District Court Tuesday (July 7), the case of Christopher W. Sutphin, 22, of Culpeper, charged with grand larceny, was certified to the grand jury. Sutphin and Garth Q. Lotane, 26, also of Culpeper, were charged in connection…
The Inn sues Konick, charges ‘abuse of process’

The Inn at Little Washington filed a countersuit in Rappahannock County Circuit Court last week seeking a monetary judgement and punitive damages of at least $100,000 against Rappahannock lawyer David Konick for his alleged “abuse of the legal process.”
High-profile cases end in prison time

Michael Raymond Doyle was sentenced to 13 months in prison for eluding police and damaging a dwelling in December, and Amissville 19-year-old's drug conviction brings three years and four months in the state penitentiary.
Konick refiles suit against town, Inn

Out-of-court negotiations for a settlement failed to produce an agreement last week, as Rappahannock lawyer David Konick filed an amended petition in circuit court last Thursday (June 18), again seeking the court’s judgment on allegedly illegal actions by the town…
Town vs. Konick: Still no agreement

As the Rappahannock News went to press Wednesday, lawyers for the town of Washington and the Inn at Little Washington were still negotiating a possible settlement with attorney David Konick.
Konick vs. town settlement possible

Attorneys for the town of Washington and the Inn at Little Washington are apparently in talks with local lawyer David Konick, a discussion apparently aimed at resolving the matter of the town’s 2013 participation in a beautification project with the…
Boston man charged with indecent exposure

Kevin Robert Flynn, 32, of Boston was arrested Monday (June 8) and charged with indecent exposure after allegedly exposing himself in the Rappahannock County Circuit Court Clerk’s office.
Sanctions motion on today’s docket

Attorneys for the town of Washington and The Inn at Little Washington, along with attorney David Konick, whose recent suit against the town and Inn was rebuffed last week by Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey W. Parker, return to Parker’s courtroom…