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Conservation easements: fact and fiction

Because conservation easements play an important role in maintaining Rappahannock County’s rural character, and because it is likely many local residents share several candidates’ apparent misunderstandings in the recent elections, here's some help separating fact and fiction.
Sperryville column for Nov. 12

At the Culpeper Soil and Water Conservation District’s recent evening celebration, two Rappahannock men and their families were recognized championing our natural resources in 2015: John Jacquemin of Castleton Lakes and Bill Fletcher of Thornton Hill Farm.
Letter: Grab some bags and join the Clean-Up

The “Community Clean-Up” of Rappahannock County roadsides and unsightly dump sites is once again underway! This year the Clean-Up is in the fall because of the late-winter snows and challenges with the spring schedule for schools, VDOT and other potential…
Board finds ‘dark skies’ future partly cloudy

The board of supervisors didn’t plan to take any action — and intended only to hear how citizens felt about Rappahannock County possibly becoming part of a Shenandoah National Park-centered effort to keep night skies unpolluted by light, and thus…
‘Dark skies’ idea to be aired next month

The Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors decided last week to advertise a public forum, to be a part of its session on Oct. 5, inviting citizen input on a notion to regulate residential lighting and thus further align the county…
Guided by the light

An often overlooked impact of light pollution, a topic of recent discussion in Rappahanock, is how light pollution affects our natural environment.