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Down Memory Lane for July 21 

Old Mt. Salem, the Mother Church of all the Baptist Churches in Rappahannock, may soon become the county’s newest historical landmark and learn more about the Sperryville Corner store.
The Rapp for July 14

A volunteer-related community lunch in Sperryville, a WW II glider program at the park, and two fellowships for local musician Paul Reisler in this week's The Rapp.
Down Memory Lane for July 14 

Haywood Johnson of Washington, D.C., comes from his home about every three weeks to get water from the mountain spring near Panorama to take home. He used to buy distilled water for 99 cents a gallon to avoid consuming the…
Such wonderful Rappahannock memories

Last night as I sat reading the Rappahannock News, skimming actually, as I cannot seem to keep up with all the reading material which demands my attention, I came across the article Jan Clatterbuck had written, “A Stroll Down Memory…
Sperryville column for June 2

Next Tuesday (June 7) at 6:30 p.m., a meeting of historical importance will be held in Sperryville, a meeting of the Rappahannock Steering Committee of the Blue Ridge Heritage Project.
Holcomb’s history lessons

Scrabble School Preservation Foundation (SSPF) in May welcomed guests to the historic Rosenwald school, as Dorothy Lockett Holcomb of Farmville (left) stopped by, on her way to an appearance as keynote speaker at the Madison County Founders Dinner.
Missing the train

Rappahannock County failed to get a railroad link to the outside world six times in the 1870s and twice in the 1880s. Now, in the spring of 1890, the giant Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) Railway Company was contemplating a railroad…
State adds fifth Rappahannock site to Landmarks Register

The Ben Venue Rural Historic District is now an official designation. In December, the Virginia Department of Historic Resources (DHR) added the Rappahannock site, along with ten other historic sites around the state, to the Virginia Landmarks Register.
Summer snapshots in the hollow

Bruce Sloane’s short, sweet first novel recalls bygone days in a familiar place — not exactly Rappahannock, but “Tales of Shirt Tail Hollow” is close enough and worthwhile reading for anyone who might have forgotten the simple joys, and earnest…
Letter: Good railroad story (with a happy ending)

I enjoyed Don Audette’s recounting last week of Rappahannock’s almost railroad of the 1880s. A decade earlier, another and more serious proposal would have laid rails from Alexandria through Washington, over Beahm’s Gap on the way to Denver. Chartered in…
Down Memory Lane for Nov. 26

July 3, 1980 The cosmetic surgery is finished, the bandages have come off and the operation leaving Washington with a new look for its town square is an unqualified success. Dr. Werner Krebser supervised the facelift on the old building…
Down Memory Lane for Nov. 12

May 1, 1980 Barbara Sharon sees woodworking as more of an art form than a profession. Rappahannock Refinishers, the business she began with her partner Sandra Maskas, pays the bills but it also offers Barbara an outlet for her creativity.…