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Letter: On March 1, don’t be left out

On Tuesday, March 1, the voters of Rappahannock County will have the opportunity to vote in a dual presidential primary. What this means is that Democrats and Republicans can go to their polling places and cast ballots that will decide…
Letter: Protect Virginia’s ‘COPN’ law

To cut to the primary issue: COPN serves the public need in health care in efficient and cost-effective means. It supports access to care, prevents unnecessary over-expansion, helps control costs, and offsets charity care the hospitals provide.
Letter: Thanks, Lions!

The wonderful volunteers in the Lions Club are people who loyally contribute their support to help others. In partnership with the Culpeper Lions Club, Rappahannock Lions Club arranged a visit to our preschool for the second year in a row…
Letter: Rappnet: the original local site

Jim Blubaugh’s list of websites and listservs of interest to Rappahannock residents and others omitted the oldest and largest listserv in the county — Rappnet. Those interested in subscribing to Rappnet can do so on the Rappnet website, Options…
Letter: The Maazel’s great gift

I think I learned to fully see the beauty of nature when I first moved to Rappahannock 30 years ago. And, I think I sensed the deepest meaning of music by watching and listening to Maestro Lorin Maazel.
Letter: Clearing the air

When or how did it become a good idea to suck or inhale, into your lungs, vaporized liquid infused with nicotine and derived from propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin?
Letter: Oppose the ‘Airbnd bills’

I ask that you oppose the proposed Limited Residential Lodging Act. Years ago, in choosing to live on agricultural property bounded by similarly zoned neighboring properties in rural Rappahannock County, my family and I chose the bucolic over the expedient,…