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The handmade footpath

Skillfully wielding a restored 5-foot-long, 100-year-old crosscut saw and a 5-pound, single-bit ax, 61-year-old Dan Dueweke keeps the trails clear for Potomac Appalachian Trail Club in Shenandoah National Park. A photo essay by Andrew Councill.
Wild Ideas: Size is relative

Recently Pam Owen ran into three different small animals in two days that reminded her that size is relative, in this week’s Wild Ideas.
Avon Hall in bloom

RappFLOW’s and Old Rag Master Naturalists’ native-plant buffer at Avon Hall pond was in full bloom last week.
The Rapp for July 2

Fireworks and music on July 4th in Sperryville; bluegrass and fireworks Thursday (July 2) at Castleton Festival, which also announces it will provide live streams of all its major performances this summer; open house in the River District and more…
Wild Ideas: Birds do it, butterflies do it . . .

Signs of reproductive success among many plants, animals and fungi were plentiful this spring. Ticks and gnats seem to have had a really good start this year . . . unfortunately. And despite the predation I witnessed by native birds…
The Rapp for June 25

Fourth (Estate) Friday postponed till July, but the Amissville Carnival is this weekend, there are still seats for Castleton Festival's opening gala, plus a Businesses of Rappahannock picnic and a benefit cabaret at the Theatre.
Wild Ideas: The beautiful, amazing milkweed

While there are many great native plants that attract butterflies, there is one genus that is a star in this regard — milkweed. Historically loathed by farmers, some have beautiful blooms and offer great value to wildlife.
Family outing

Two adults and three never-been-to-Canada goslings march in formation up Porter Street in Washington, likely on their way to Avon Hall Pond.
Washington column for June 18

The vestry of Trinity Episcopal Church has called the Rev. Bill Queen Jr. to serve as their interim rector to help prepare the congregation for their new rector.
Wild Ideas: Red fox, gray fox

There are two species of fox in our area — the gray fox and the red fox, but figuring out which is which is not as easy as their common names imply, as Pam Owen explains in this week’s Wild…