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Our million-acre backyard commons

By Chris Bolgiano There’s no grill in my big backyard, no swing set and no swimming pool, unless you count the rock-bottomed bowls along Reedy Run as it cascades to the Shenandoah River. They’re mainly trees here in the George…

Last week’s front-page story highlighted how rising property taxes in Rappahannock County are causing big problems for middle-aged and senior citizens living on fixed incomes. It doesn't help that the Federal Reserve has no interest in seniors or savers.

By Tom Horton We’re all familiar with the problem-solving technique of simply shifting the lens. Viewing the same thing differently. Glass “half full” instead of “half empty” is an example. When it comes to the Chesapeake Bay watershed, the “glass”…
On Common Ground: Tempests in Paradise

Whether your family has been here for generations or just arrived, we all have a sense of being connected to this place. Let's stop defining what is and is not "authentic" Rappahannock, and welcome the diversity that helps define us.

By Brian Depew There are two closely held, widely believed narratives about rural America. The national media narrative, with roots in the 1980s farm crisis, is fatalistic. Rural places are dying. It lives on at the Brookings Institute and the…
Stop taking ’cides

Vaccines or none, human resistance is going haywire. So it appears from health headlines. Writer Liza Field has a few antibiotic-free ideas.

While traditional first aid deals with damage on the outside, such as cuts and bruises, there’s a new first aid course that deals with what may be wrong on the inside, in the mind. Mental Health First Aid Training will…
Abd el-Kader’s jihad of compassion and courage

With radical Islam once again dominating the news, this time in France, it is important more than ever to know about the Islam of Emir Abd el-Kader al Jazairy, a great human being who was a Muslim and an Arab.
Jed’s Eye View: Wanna bet me on this?

Here is columnist Jed Duvall's wager: that what’s going on after school at Rappahannock County Elementary is creating in minds of young students memories that will last them all their lives.