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Clark Hollow Ramblings: What a shame

I hadn’t intended to write anything more about the survey and the Foothills agenda, but it seems to be the topic du jour, so I will tell you what is sticking in my craw about the whole thing.
One disaster: The tip of the iceberg?

Like the frogs sitting in cool water oblivious to the fact that the temperature is rising slowly and will soon boil them before they can jump out, Ralph Bates writes, we too let our outrage at environmental disasters subside.
March for Lyme!

Flint Hill actress and singer-songwriter Olivia Maxwell, who suffers from chronic Lyme disease, has an idea to start a march — a huge march in D.C. with at least a million people, one day next May. The world needs to…
Our million-acre backyard commons

By Chris Bolgiano There’s no grill in my big backyard, no swing set and no swimming pool, unless you count the rock-bottomed bowls along Reedy Run as it cascades to the Shenandoah River. They’re mainly trees here in the George…