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Your Next Best Friend: Timmy

Let me introduce myself – I am a beagle/hound mix, about a year old and named Timmy. That’s Timmy, not Timothy, which really doesn’t fit me at all — way too formal. You see, I’m a real social butterfly and…
Your Next Best Friend: Sadie

Hi! My name’s Sadie. I’m a poodle mix and the poodle part of me simply loves dressing up. I’m a happy little dog, less than a year old and quite attractive and petite (13 pounds to be exact).
Magic white-carpet ride

Aine, working border collie at Sperryville’s Heritage Hollow Farm, works off any lingering effects of cabin fever after this weekend’s snowfall — which she conquered in short order.
Wild Ideas: Gaeaf followup

After Pam Owen’s Wild Ideas column about helping a stray cat engendered a few heated comments online, she clarifies the plan for him.