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Your Next Best Friend: Kasey

The people here at RAWL call me a “low rider.” Okay, my legs are shorter than the average bear’s (okay, hound’s) because I’ve got a lot of basset hound blood, but also some beagle relatives somewhere. Name’s Kasey and I’m…
When Bailey met Terry

Gov. Terry McAuliffe, right, visiting the recently expanded Carfax headquarters in Centreville last week, gets down with Rappahannock resident (and Carfax CEO) Dick Raines — and Bailey, the Theatre dog.
Your Next Best Friend: Bailey

Fun is my middle name. I’m a 5-month-old foxhound girl. I love everything and everyone I come into contact with — people, other dogs, cats, toys, even the occasional butterfly.
Your Next Best Friend: Lindsay

My name is Lindsay and the RAWL people think I might be mostly Brittany Spaniel or maybe King Charles (or Queen Charlotte, in my case). But I’m really not high-falutin’ enough to be of royal lineage.
Your Next Best Friend: Jordan

Good morning! My name’s Jordan and I’m 45 pounds of handsome, if I do say so myself. I’m a Heinz 57 type of dog breed, made up of all sorts of dogs.
Meet me at RappCats: Tessie

Hi, I’m Tessie! I’m a beautiful and gentle calico girl with stunning green eyes. I’m affectionate and like to be held or sit in a friendly lap, but I’m also happy to curl up beside you and take a nap.
Sperryville column for Dec. 3

A kind and generous place Kristin Davis of Charlottesville wrote last week to thank some special folks in Sperryville who helped her out during a recent visit to our tiny hamlet: Thanks for the kindness of strangers I want to…
Wild vs. domestic

Dogs and wildlife might not always be the best of friends, but the combination does present some photo opportunities.
Your Next Best Friend: Roda

My name is Roda, and like my sister, I’m an American foxhound, 1½ years old, around 55 pounds. My sister's been adopted so I've got to get into gear.