Your Next Best Friend: Sadie


Letter: Thank you for mixing, mingling and supporting RAWL

The Rappahannock Animal Welfare League (RAWL) would like to thank the community for coming out to “Mutt, Mix & Mingle” May 1 at the Flint Hill Public House. We were thrilled with the tremendous turn out, it was great to see so many friends with their dogs enjoying the event. The weather was perfect,...
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Pet parade, flowers, food and fun for Pantry Day May 9

Dog and sheep get to know each other at the 2014 Food Pantry Pet Parade.

It’s time to join friends and neighbors for a lively day commemorating Food Pantry Day in Rappahannock County on Saturday, May 9 — a day that includes a pet parade and flower sale and ends with a gala dinner.
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Your Next Best Friend: Jackson


Hello, I’m a German Shepherd named Jackson. I came to RAWL with my brother Thor. He’s found his new home and I’m trying to find mine.
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Your Next Best Friend: Paulie


Your Next Best Friend: Reilly


My name’s Reilly. I came to RAWL in a lot of pain and was really scared. Once I got to RAWL, my story got happy.
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Your Next Best Friend: Lemon


Sponsored Content: Vet’s Corner, March 2015

Vet's Corner March 2015

Treating pets repeatedly to make their symptoms disappear is like driving a car with a tire that is constantly going flat. Finding holistic medicine is like finding the right mechanic who recognizes the problem and patches the tire.
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Magic white-carpet ride

By Molly M. Peterson

Sponsored Content: Vet’s Corner, February 2015

animals first

As a holistic practice, we are often called to visit animals with unusual symptoms. We see animals with specific personality or behavior traits that came along with the physical symptom the owner recognizes as abnormal.
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Sponsored Content: Vet’s Corner, January 2015

animals first pic jan 2015

Animals First Veterinary Service was established in 2001 as a veterinary housecall practice. We are available to treat your pet to our unique and complete health care approach through a personal housecall or as an in office appointment.
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Wild Ideas: Gaeaf followup

Jan. 1
TC is among the cats available for adoption at RappCats.

After Pam Owen’s Wild Ideas column about helping a stray cat engendered a few heated comments online, she clarifies the plan for him.
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Your Next Best Friend: Peaches


I’m Peaches, a very social 3-year-old, 60-pound female yellow Labrador retriever who would be happy living with other dogs, cats or both.
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Your Next Best Friend: Bella


My friends here at RAWL call me Beautiful Bella. I’m a Catahoula leopard hound, with black (it’s called “blue”) ticking and striking ice-blue eyes. My breed originated in Louisiana as a hunting dog. I’m 7 years old and was brought to RAWL because I had a hard time adjusting to a new baby in...
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Wild Ideas: Of Gaeaf, Golda and birds

Dec. 18, 2014
Gaeaf, the stray male cat.

Pam Owen contemplates what to do with a stray cat that’s been hanging around.
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Little Washington’s big Christmas


Letter: In such situations, someone will be disappointed

We are responding to Chance Liscomb’s letter to the editor in last week’s paper about his recent experience with the Rappahannock Animal Welfare League (RAWL). We are sorry that he felt he was not treated properly with regard to the application process. RAWL strives to make the adoption experience a pleasant one. As part of...
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Letter: Raw after RAWL experience

Recently I made an attempt to adopt a dog from the Rappahannock Animal Welfare League. I realized finally that I was in a place in my life where I could care for an animal well. My job had changed, and it affords me the opportunity of keeping a dog with me constantly. I was excited...
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Your Next Best Friend: Allie

Dec. 4, 2014
I'm Allie. Meet me at RAWL.

Letter: Sawyer, you will be missed

The late, great Sawyer.

Sawyer McCool Loth, 14 (or so) years old, beloved dog of Henry, Fiona, Bruce and Missy, was released from his mortal coil on Nov. 13 with the help of the compassionate folks at Rose Hill Veterinary. He was on his favorite bed in his favorite spot in the back of the car. Rescued as...
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Photo: Trail wags dog

Photo by Patricia Want

RAWL Dogs: Missy

Oct. 2, 2014

Fifteen pounds of little dog energy — that’s me. Name’s Missy and I’m a happy and affectionate Pomeranian mix.
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RAWL Dogs: Cartman

Sept. 25, 2014

My name is Cartman. I am a Jack Russell terrier who’s leash-trained, housebroken and enjoys car rides. Let’s meet soon!
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RAWL Dogs: Charlie

Sept. 11, 2014

A dog with “all the fixings.” Name’s Charlie, and I’m a 4-year-old Heinz 57 — a lab build, border collie color and a low-shed terrier coat.
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Sponsored content: Vet’s Corner, August 2014


Serious medical conditions can be helped with holistic medicine, allowing for increased comfort and longevity for the majority of our patients.
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RAWL Dogs: Greta

Aug. 21, 2014

I'm Greta, 11 months old and a beautiful German shepherd. Did you know they have yard sales on Facebook where people give away dogs? Yeah, well, that’s me.
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RAWL Dogs: Gracie

Aug. 14, 2014

My name’s Gracie and I came to RAWL with my pack members, Weezie and Princess Rose, after our owner received an eviction notice.
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Sponsored content: Vet’s Corner, July 2014


One of the most common injuries in the dog causes damage to the cranial cruciate ligament. Sprains, strains and tears often occur in this ligament of the hind limb when dogs are running, turning and jumping.
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RAWL Dogs: Minnie

Aug. 7, 2014

My name is Minnie. I am a young Labrador-hound mix, less than a year old, and grew up with kids and other dogs.
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RAWL Dogs: Lulu

July 17, 2014

Hola! I’m a proud little dog, the littlest dog according to the American Kennel Club, with an ancestry in Mexico going back to before the Mayans.
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RAWL Dogs: We pups three

July 10, 2014
Cory, Jeremy and Chase

Cute as the dickens are we pups three. Cory, Jeremy and Chase, all boys. Born about 14 weeks ago and just a few weeks into life.
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RAWL Dogs: Poppy

July 3, 2014

I’m a bit-of-a-beagle named Poppy. I was wanderin’ around town as a stray and was lucky to be brought here to RAWL.
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RAWL Dogs: Georgie

June 26, 2014

When you come by to visit me, the first thing you’ll notice is my coloring. Striking. I’m a pit bull terrier mix and came into RAWL as a stray.
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Sponsored content: Vet’s Corner, June 2014

Tucker baby picture.

One of our main roles in veterinary medicine has always been the prevention of disease, and that includes knowing when and why vaccines should be administered.
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Approved: uncertain budget, drier golf course

June 5, 2014

Facing a full agenda and a not-so-full courthouse, the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors met Monday (June 2) for about two hours in the afternoon and less than an hour in the evening, during which the board passed its $21.99 million budget, among other matters.
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Sponsored content: Vet’s Corner, May 2014


Studying holistic modalities and the medical ways of the doctors of our past opens up many possibilities for helping our patients.
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RAWL Dogs: Merri

May 15, 2014

I’m a bit of a “li’l bit” named Merri, weighing at about 2 years old and a bit under 20 pounds.
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Letter: Much gratitude, both human and canine  

The staff and board of directors of the Rappahannock Animal Welfare League (RAWL) would like to express our appreciation to our friends at Coterie for making RAWL the beneficiary of the latest in their House Concert Series last Saturday (May 3). It was another fabulous event at Coterie — a beautiful day, the food...
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RAWL Dogs: Ben


I’m an 80-pound a chocolate lab/rottweiler cross and bundle of contentment named Ben.
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Sponsored Content: Vet’s Corner, April 2014

Courtesy photo

If there is an animal that likes to create inflammation in their body, it is the cat. When we see a cat in our practice, it is commonly for an inflammatory problem.
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