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Sperryville column for Sept. 3

Jackie Bailey Labovitz brings her dramatic floral photography to the Schoolhouse annex, an adorable English bulldog finds a home with a Sperryville couple, and two German families discover local wares, in this week's Sperryville column.
Dog day afternoon

Ruth Anna Stolk’s tenant Charlotte Lorick captured this moment recently, as Stolk’s hound paused to admire another beautiful end-of-the-day light show in Huntly.
Your Next Best Friend: Jamie

Hey, y’all, I’m lookin’ for a coupla friends, maybe more. I’d definitely like one to be a dog. I love hangin’ out with my fellow canis domesticus (the Latin name for “domestic dog”).
Your Next Best Friend: Timmy

Let me introduce myself – I am a beagle/hound mix, about a year old and named Timmy. That’s Timmy, not Timothy, which really doesn’t fit me at all — way too formal. You see, I’m a real social butterfly and…
Your Next Best Friend: Sadie

Hi! My name’s Sadie. I’m a poodle mix and the poodle part of me simply loves dressing up. I’m a happy little dog, less than a year old and quite attractive and petite (13 pounds to be exact).