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Wild Ideas: Here be giants

Rappahannock County resident Robin Williams made a startling discovery last month in her pollinator garden: a giant was circling a tree there . . . a giant swallowtail butterfly, that is.
Wild Ideas: A matter of perspective

Changing our perspective, opening our minds to look at nature in a different way, can be instrumental in plumbing nature's mysteries, in this week’s Wild Ideas column.
Wild Ideas: Size is relative

Recently Pam Owen ran into three different small animals in two days that reminded her that size is relative, in this week’s Wild Ideas.
Wild Ideas: Birds do it, butterflies do it . . .

Signs of reproductive success among many plants, animals and fungi were plentiful this spring. Ticks and gnats seem to have had a really good start this year . . . unfortunately. And despite the predation I witnessed by native birds…
Wild Ideas: The beautiful, amazing milkweed

While there are many great native plants that attract butterflies, there is one genus that is a star in this regard — milkweed. Historically loathed by farmers, some have beautiful blooms and offer great value to wildlife.
Wild Ideas: Red fox, gray fox

There are two species of fox in our area — the gray fox and the red fox, but figuring out which is which is not as easy as their common names imply, as Pam Owen explains in this week’s Wild…