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Wild Ideas: Size is relative

Recently Pam Owen ran into three different small animals in two days that reminded her that size is relative, in this week’s Wild Ideas.
Wild Ideas: Birds do it, butterflies do it . . .

Signs of reproductive success among many plants, animals and fungi were plentiful this spring. Ticks and gnats seem to have had a really good start this year . . . unfortunately. And despite the predation I witnessed by native birds…
Wild Ideas: The beautiful, amazing milkweed

While there are many great native plants that attract butterflies, there is one genus that is a star in this regard — milkweed. Historically loathed by farmers, some have beautiful blooms and offer great value to wildlife.
Wild Ideas: Red fox, gray fox

There are two species of fox in our area — the gray fox and the red fox, but figuring out which is which is not as easy as their common names imply, as Pam Owen explains in this week’s Wild…
Wild Ideas: Native plants: Do not disturb  

As beautiful native wildflowers continue to pop up and bloom, it’s tempting to pick them, or move them into our gardens for our viewing pleasure. But if you care about these natural treasures, don’t!
Wild Ideas: Spring creeps up the mountains  

While the green line of leaves that marks spring’s progress up the mountains has not yet reached Skyline Drive, more wildflowers are blooming at lower elevations, and migratory songbirds are returning, in this week’s Wild Ideas column.
Wild Ideas: ISO spring ephemeral wildflowers  

Some native woodland wildflowers are getting a jump on their larger neighbors, sprouting up and blooming before the canopy above them closes. Pam Owen gives some suggestions on where to find these spring ephemerals in this week’s Wild Ideas column.
Wild Ideas: Gobbling season begins

The gobbling of male turkeys in search of mates is in full swing. Learn more about how, where and when turkeys breed in this week’s Wild Ideas column.