Rappahannock resident Carol Felix shared this photograph of her county mailbox last month in RAAC's "Art in the Time of Covid" newsletter. The mailbox sits at the end of her family's private driveway. Every day for the past several months, Felix makes the mile-long roundtrip to retrieve her mail.

Connect with local artists through Rapp community playlist

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has cancelled innumerable arts events over the past year, the Rappahannock arts community is still alive and well. The Rappahannock Association for Arts and Community has created several different ways to keep artists and audiences connected virtually.

Rappahannock Radio playlist

If you’ve missed hearing Rappahannock’s talented musicians play for you live, you’re not alone! That’s why RAAC partnered with Rappahannock Radio to make a free online playlist where you can hear more than two hours of music from your favorite local artists.

Hear recordings from the likes of Rafael Lorenzo, The Nethers Hot Club, Lorraine Duisit, Paul Reisler, the Gold Top County Ramblers and more, right from your own living room. To listen, go to:

Art amid Covid

Since last May, RAAC has been periodically publishing work online “showcasing the covid-inspired work by Rappahannock artists and others in the community whose creativity has been stirred by these times.”

In January’s newsletter, RAAC exhibited the intricate ironwork of Nol Putnam and a photograph from Carol Felix of her family’s mailbox. Accompanying the photo, Fox writes: “This past year, having isolated ourselves in this time of COVID, we have begun to realize that our country mailbox has become a unique communication center.

“Holidays and family and community celebrations were interrupted, but one day a bottle of St. Croix rum appeared in the mailbox … a gift from a neighbor who couldn’t visit in person. Handwritten holiday cards, minus postage or address, started to appear.

“Another day we find an empty mason jar with a thank you note inside, for the homemade soup we sent a housebound neighbor.

“A beautiful old, illustrated edition of The Country Diary of An Edwardian Lady was a treasured mailbox surprise from a friend with whom we share seeds and plants.

“Just today, inside an otherwise empty mailbox, was a giant Milkbone, a treat for our Bernese Mountain dog, Maggie, who along with us, recently lost her constant companion, Babe. This unexpected treat lifted all our spirits.

“Most likely this was a sympathetic gift from our mail carrier who keeps treats in the delivery truck for all the animals she encounters on her daily rounds.

“And so it goes. Our humble rural mailbox teaches us that life goes on. That we will stay in touch. That spring will come, and who knows, an early bouquet of wildflowers might just be waiting for us one fine, sunny morning.”

To see more from Art in the Time of Covid, go to RAAC’s website at or sign up for their newsletter. RAAC welcomes comments and submissions from Rappahannock residents at


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