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The maple tree measured 42 inches across the stump. There were three of them, standing guard between our yard and Mrs. Lee’s, where the little creek runs across the bottom of our property and under Fodderstack Road. One of them, the one leaning most precariously, has a knothole in it about 1…

I have been trying to wrap my head around this bike trail business and the deep divide that seems to be everywhere and about everything, whether it is on Capitol Hill or in Rappahannock County. I have, frankly, been stunned at some of the comments from those that do not seem to understand wh…

Okay, so what do you DO with a six pound sweet potato? My bride looks at it like it is the monster from the dark lagoon. I thought about taking it to my friend, Mr. Jenkins, who thoughtfully brought me a box of sweet potatoes a few years ago when mine didn’t make it. I think I will spare him…

As far as my wanderings in the woods have revealed, this may not be the best year for morels. I have been out twice and came home empty-handed both times. I no longer have access to my favorite spot to search for them, but I should have found at least a few where I looked. I know that others…

In-Depth Reporting

In-Depth Reporting

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