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‘Complete joy’ keeps 1000 Faces performers coming back

‘Complete joy’ keeps 1000 Faces performers coming back

When Tessa Crews was 15 years old, she was tasked with playing one of the most memorable roles in the 1000 Faces Mask Theater production, and one of the few roles that was played partially without a mask. 

Most people can remember the awkward years of being a teenager and having to deal with insecurities and body-image issues. This experience was no different for Crews, but she was chosen to be the “virgin sacrifice” in that year’s production, giving her a spotlight role with extravagant costumes.

1000 Faces crews and martin

Tessa Crews (left) and Cathy Kiley Martin (right). Both women have been performing in the masked theater for decades.

1000 Faces Peggy Schadler

1000 Faces producer Peggy Schadler holds one of her own creations.

1000 Faces 2020 dress rehearsal

A 1000 Faces Mask Theater dress rehearsal in October 2020.

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