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It was heart-breaking to read about the cancelation of the Fourth of July celebration and fireworks. My husband and I have not lived in Rappahannock long, but we look forward to this annual celebration. 

The reason given for the cancelation was the COVID-19 pandemic. While there are still a great number of infections and deaths worldwide, Rappahannock has had just a reported case or two.

The stay-home order has produced good results. “The infection curve” has flattened, and the hospitals have empty beds. 

Meanwhile, the Rappahannock businesses, small, service-oriented and heavily depending on tourism, have been the real victims of this shutdown. They need to open now before they are wiped out. The celebration would give a huge push to the local economic recovery. 

This celebration takes place outdoors in the summer, the two conditions bad for the virus. The majority of us need to get infected to a certain degree to establish “herd immunity”. 

The National Mall will be displaying the fireworks and flyovers. The visitors are trusted to take necessary precautions. I strongly urge the Sperryville Fire Department and the county to reconsider the decision on the Independence Day celebration . 

Yoko Barsky


Editor’s note: There have been three confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Rappahannock County as of press time. The infection curve has not yet flattened in counties surrounding Rappahannock.