It’s Christmas time

What do I wish for? I wish this COVID-19 would disappear, I wish I could see some of my friends and I wish to return some of the love that’s been given to me — to share in the beauty of this earth. A cloud is worth watching until it passes from one horizon to another.

Taking a walk when the snow is falling, looking at the stars on a cold clear night and remembering that any green thing that grows is proof that God exists are wonders worth savoring at this time of the year.

It all comes into focus at Christmas. It’s a tender time. We open ourselves to love by exchanging gifts, but what those presents really say is “I love you.” 

Let’s be people with giving hearts, and I pray that it will always be so. It’s part of our strength. It’s something we learned as children that we can share with someone who’s down on their luck and can use a boost.

Take pleasure in the Christmas season. Be merry like the song says and sing the Christmas carols for all the joy that their words convey and the memories they bring back.

A child of Christmas is anyone who believes, and as we celebrate this Christmas let’s remember to give thanks, to give love, to be joyous and to share in the belief that this season of giving is worth celebrating.

This is my wish every year. This is a poem that I can remember my mom reading to us at Christmas time:

His Name at the Top

I had the nicest Christmas list,

The longest one in town,

Till Daddy looked at it & said,

“You’ll have to cut it down.”

I knew that what he said was true

Beyond the faintest doubt,

But was amazed to hear him say,

“You’ve left your best Friend out.”

And so I scanned my list again,

And said, “Oh, that’s not true!”

But Daddy said, “His Name’s not there,

That Friend Who died for you.”

And then I clearly understood,

‘Twas Jesus Whom he meant;

For Him Who should come first of all

I hadn’t planned a cent!

I’d made a Christmas birthday list,

And left my Saviour out!

But, oh, it didn’t take me long

To change the list about.

And though I’ve had to drop some names

Of folks I like a lot,

My Lord must have the most — because

His Name is at the top!

Let’s remember to always put his name at the top of the list every day.

Get well soon, Emily

Best wishes for a continued speedy recovery go out to Washington resident Emily Moore, who is healing at Lake Manassas Health and Rehab in Gainesville. 

We're looking forward to Emily returning to the Washington School and holding court on the front porch, which she helped establish as the social center of the south side of town.

Hello Firehouse friends

The thrift shop will open on Saturdays, Dec. 19, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Wednesday, Dec. 16, from noon to 4 p.m. They are having big sales all two days with fifty percent off everything, “except Christmas.” You can find a good deal on pants, jeans and slacks for only a dollar. For men, women and children, and two dollars for any artwork or frames.

Many thanks to everyone who's been so supportive during our temporary closing! We look forward to seeing y'all back at the shop!

They are still not accepting donations at this time.

The shop will be closed for their annual winter break Dec 20, and plan to reopen to our regular hours on Jan. 5.

Keep in mind that all masks are required and no more than 10 shoppers at a time. Social distancing and kindness required. For any questions call the shop at 540-675-1245.

Shop Local and help support Washington Volunteer Fire & Rescue!

Since this is our last edition before Christmas, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Be safe. And wear those masks!


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