Start the year out right . . .

Christmas was different this year and many families could not gather with their loved ones. In spite of the COVID, I hope everyone still had a very Merry Christmas. For me, Christmas was low key at my house. It still was nice to be away from work.

As we turn the pages of the calendar and welcome another year, there is considerable optimism that this year will be better than ever.

Each day, I am reminded of how blessed we are to live in Rappahannock County. The fields, hills and hollows are so beautiful and rich with the changing of each season. No matter what the time of the season, we should hold it dear to our heart and be thankful to the Lord for where we live. Sometimes we take it for granted; I know I do.

It’s a new year and you know what that means? Time for those resolutions!

To start the new year right, my late mother-in-law had to cook her black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day. Why do you eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day? If you’ve never heard of the tradition, it’s likely that you’re not very close with people raised in the South. Eating black-eyed peas as the first meal of the year is said to bring good luck and prosperity. And my mother-in-law believed in that entirely.

When I was younger and living at home, I could remember my mom would cook them and bake cornbread. That was our dinner meal for January 1. I have to say, that wasn’t a tradition for me over the years until recently. I decided to cook them and start my own tradition. They weren’t that bad either. I like to add tomatoes to mine.

Everywhere you go people are talking about what they’re going to do this new year. The most important thing is you must believe that you can do it! So, I ask everyone, what will your new year’s resolution be? Exercising more? Eating healthier?

For me, it will be eating those black-eyed peas and cornbread. And I want to enjoy the beauty of our rich heritage here in Rappahannock more; gaze at the stars at night, enjoy the simple pleasures of nature around me. Most of all I want to stay well. We are blessed with so much to enjoy.

It’s Time!

Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council is launching the 2020-21 Girl Scout Cookie season. Girl Scouts started taking orders for cookies on Dec. 14 and they will be delivered in mid-January.

This cookie season, Virginia Skyline Council has something new to offer during the holidays: Cookie Gift Certificates that can be purchased through Jan. 14 by emailing info@gsvsc.org or calling 540-777-5100.

To keep everyone safe during these challenging times, there are changes this cookie season. When the cookies arrive in mid-January, Girl Scouts will be delivering them in different ways: masked drop-offs to your door; cookie booth drive-thrus; online ordering with shipping via Digital Cookie; cookie delivery service; voice-activated sales via Echo home systems! 

“We’ll make sure you get your fave cookies in a safe manner!” the local Girl Scouts promise.

Cookies cost $5 a box. Need help finding a Girl Scout to take your order? Contact the Girl Scouts at info@gsvsc.org or 540-777-5100.

Firehouse Treasures news

Firehouse Treasures will remain closed through the month of January. With the increasing numbers of COVID cases in our county and people traveling for the holidays, now more than ever we must be vigilant regarding the health of volunteers and customers. They will reassess opening in February when the time comes.

A reminder for all: They are still not accepting any donations. Please do not leave any bags or boxes at the thrift shop as they will not be there. Firehouse Treasures greatly appreciate your understanding and your unwavering support.

Until next year, may all be safe.

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