Thanksgiving blessings and fond memories

It’s Thanksgiving, and for most of us this holiday conjures up memories or anticipation of such traditions as the huge turkey dinner with dressing, cranberry sauce, famous pumpkin pie and somebody accomplishing the carving. It’s a time we travel “over the river and through the hollows” to celebrate with family and friends.

What a precious gift it is to have a day set aside to offer thanks, to turn our thoughts away from our work, financial concerns and national hot topics, and toward the people and things that bring joy into our lives.

It might be different for some families given COVID-19. 

We should be grateful for the little things that make each day worthwhile. Remember to count our blessings, however great or small, for they’re the silver lining whenever storm clouds come our way.


Thanksgiving 1940

On Thanksgiving Day, my heart warms with anticipation as I look forward to the family and grandchildren who will squeeze around the table, chairs and sofas in my home, laughing and eating together. After the turkey and dressing, we sit around talking, eating pumpkin pie as we watch a Hallmark show. Love those Hallmark's Christmas shows this time of the year!

Let’s all take a few minutes on Thanksgiving Day to think about what’s important in life for us.

On this day, I think of my mom so much. She took great delight in preparing her turkey and side dishes. My mother baked wonderful pies — the aroma on Thanksgiving Day was heavenly as it wafted through the house. And she set a very fancy table. After the meal, when it was time to say goodbye, mom would always give us food to take back home.

My mother passed away on Dec. 3, 1992, and Thanksgiving has not been the same since. Life for me continues on without her, though not everything is as simple as it was before. When my turkey is browning in the oven, I always think of her. I can surely say that mom went out of her way in preparing the Thanksgiving meal.

Mom, thank you so much for each memory you have given me. Each thought of you does give me cheer. You gave your love to everybody here on earth. Today, I would love to whisper in your ear: I love and miss you, mom. Happy Thanksgiving Day in Heaven.

I always try to follow in my mother’s footsteps when it comes to a family holiday so that my children have memories like I did when I was growing up.

All of us could benefit from taking the time to notice the beauty surrounding us. I know it’s a busy time for us with the holidays around the corner — we are in a hurry, trying to get it all done. I know I am. 

But remember to stop, if only for a few minutes each day, and embrace your family, the decorations of the seasons, all things in nature. There is beauty in all things, one just has to take the time to find it. One day they will all be wonderful memories.

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How to cook a turkey


Last week the Pre K class at Child Care learning Center discuss how to cook a turkey. Good answers.

Last week, Connie Smoot and Ashley Poling asked each child in their PreK class at Child Care Learning Center how their families cook a turkey. Here are the answers:

Calder: "She cuts it and puts fires on it."

Addison: "She mixes it and puts it in the oven."

Makenzie: "She eats it at Memaw's house and cooks it."

Ellie: "She makes meat turkey like Indians that put corn on the turkey to make it really good and she adds a little salt and pepper and maple syrup."

Savvy: "She makes it food."

Jace: "In a pot and then she chops it up. Then we eat it."

Addy: " Cooks in the oven, cheese hamburger inside turkey, and a big ham in there. More some kind of cheese, bacon, pound cakes. In a pan. Put it in the oven, cooks 104 degrees, done. Kind of hot and that's it."

Alex: "Dad cooks turkey with pepper and hot sauce. Cooks it in my oven in my grill outside. Take out when done. Eat inside."

Roman: “I don’t know.”


Happy anniversary to my brother, Donald Ray Burke, and his wife Carol, as they celebrate their special day on Tuesday, Nov. 17.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!