Bean Hollow isn’t exactly Piccadilly Circus, but they now likely have one thing in common: a red London phone booth. The distinctive relic was a Christmas gift for Rappahannock philanthropy booster Bill Dietel from his grandchildren — all 11 of them. The seed of the idea came from a birthday celebration years ago, Dietel says. “My five children were trying to come up with a theme.

They knew I was a keen Anglophile...Recently a new refrigerator had been purchased for camp and the children and older grandchildren turned it into an English phone booth with a back door. They collectively serenaded me with ‘pop goes the weasel’ but substituted ‘out pops a Dietel’ whereupon one of the grandchildren would burst out and give me a hug and kiss.” 

Fast forward to just before this past Christmas and a visit from two of Dietel’s grandchildren, who had a thought and enlisted their siblings and cousins. “And, ‘Voila,’ the phone booth in the meadow,” said Dietel, 93 (“and still going strong”).

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