Update: The listing for Rock Mills has recently been updated to reflect its private status: "This property is owned by the Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church. Swimmers here without a permit will be prosecuted for trespassing."

The Rock Mills swimming hole, seen here on a peaceful day, is prominently featured on the national outdoor discovery website FreeArenas, which provides directions to “a picturesque southern U.S. swimming hole complete with a tire and rope swing, a small beach area, and smaller pools to enjoy with smaller children."  

When you think of a perfect all-American summer hideaway, Rock Mills is close to it. The locals in Castleton frequent the swimming hole in the summer months, join them this summer at Rock Mills!”

The site says a permit from Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church is needed to swim the hole, but that’s hardly enforced given people and vehicles overwhelm the place every summer. Now, we’re told, a neighbor has called this week on the county government to do something about the overflowing crowds. Stay tuned.

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