The soaking rain let up just in time for the start of this afternoon’s (Saturday’s) Old Dominion Hounds Point-to-Point at Ben Venue, one of the biggest events held every year in Rappahannock County, this meet rescheduled from its traditional April date due to COVID-19. Just two Virginia point-to-points ran this spring before the coronavirus essentially shut down the circuit. In advance of today’s races, officials had all participants and spectators fill out health self-assessment questionnaires and sign waivers of liabilities, given the risks of the virus. Temperatures were also checked of everybody entering the gates (fortunately not one person among the 1,000 permitted spectators — down from the customary 10,000 — was found to have a fever). Masks were also required outside of 200 designated parking/tailgating areas, although even among the individual groups many continued to sport the face coverings. Each party was also told to stay within their “pod,” with none of the usual wandering or socializing. 

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