The Sperryville telecommunications tower is starting to crank.

Verizon up and running, Piedmont Broadband to flip switch within days

Verizon is “on air.”

That’s the official word from Hope McCreary of Community Wireless Structures (CWS), the Arlington-based telecommunications infrastructure company that in March 2019 erected a monopole tower on Woodward Road in Sperryville.

Meanwhile, having said earlier this week that T-Mobile “is on hold pending the outcome of their negotiations with Shentel,” McCreary on Wednesday morning received the good news that “T-Mobile will be getting ready to put [Sperryville service] into construction very soon.” 

T-Mobile, which already had a lease and building permit for the tower, and Sprint “merged last spring — Shentel was a Sprint affiliate,” she educated. “Most likely outcome is that T-Mobile will purchase Shentel, although other options are on the table.”

Otherwise, McCreary relayed that equipment from Piedmont Broadband, one of the leading local internet providers in Rappahannock County, has been installed on the same tower “and I've heard that they expect to be ready to roll out service within a couple of weeks.” 

In fact, Piedmont’s Jess Settle told us on Monday not to be surprised if the company’s service is up and running by next week. 

“We’re in the final steps,” Settle said.

Finally, the county’s emergency services hardware installed on the tower “has been operational since late summer,” McCreary added.

The monopole was approved by the county two years ago in order to provide, among other emergency services, a public safety paging system as well as equipment for internet and cell service providers.

CWS more recently won approval to install a tower within sight of Route 522 near Scrabble, while another proposed tower by the same company on Eldon Farms land north of Woodville along 522 was nixed by the county’s board of supervisors.

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