Community Wireless Structures (CWS) agreed at last night’s Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors meeting to extend by 60 days the 150-day deadline for consideration of their applications for cell towers in Scrabble and Woodville. 

According to state law, only CWS can request an extension. The county cannot. The 150 days ends on December 28. The extra 60 days pushes the deadline to late February. By law, the BOS must hold public hearings and vote to either approve or deny the applications before the deadline date.

In a letter dated Oct. 5, CWS Vice President Hope McCreary notified County Administrator Garrey Curry that CWS required the 60-day extension in order “to allow time for a thorough review of our options and possible solutions” to issues raised about the Woodville site at the crowded Sept. 18 Planning Commission public hearings for both applications.

At last night’s BOS meeting, McCreary said that because the Scrabble application had fewer issues, the Nov. 4 BOS public hearing could go on as planned.

Piedmont supervisor Christine Smith called McCreary’s hand by suggesting that both applications be considered at the same time — either on Nov. 4, when CWS would take its chances on the Woodville tower, or early in the New Year after a newly elected BOS is seated.  

The Nov. 5 election will result in two or three new supervisors.

The BOS sealed its resolve with a unanimous vote in favor of a 60-day extension for both applications, to which McCreary agreed.

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