COVID-19 vaccine generic sticker

Vaccination stickers sit on a table at the Fort Belvoir Hospital COVID Vaccine Clinic, in the Community Center, Jan. 26.

The Virginia Department of Health is launching a statewide vaccination pre-registration system starting tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 16. Beginning at 8 a.m., residents can register at

The Rappahannock-Rapidan Health District advises: "If you’ve already filled out our survey form, your survey form will automatically be transferred into the new system. You will maintain your place in the queue, and won’t be giving up your place in line. Starting Tuesday morning, you will also be able to search this system to ensure your name is included."

All local health districts will use the new system except the Fairfax County Health Department, which is not a state district and will continue its own vaccination process.

Dr. Danny Avula, state vaccine coordinator, said people who already registered through their local health departments will not lose their place.

Anyone who has previously filled out a survey or form or signed up for a waitlist to be vaccinated through their local health district, will be automatically imported into the new statewide system. Individuals will maintain their current status in the queue, the release said.

Avula said state health officials realize there is a lot of confusion about the process, and demand outpaces supply, but the statewide registration system will help streamline the delivery of vaccines.

Our local health district posted answers to other frequently asked vaccination questions:

  • If you have questions, contact the new Virginia call center hotline at 877-275-8343. It is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, with staff available to help those who don’t have computers or have difficulty using them. Language translation will be available.

  • If you registered two people but used one email address for both (e.g., parents, couples, etc.), that is OK.  The system will use full name and date of birth and other unique characteristics to identify unique individuals.

  • The system is unable to provide your “number” or place in the queue.  There are not enough doses available for everyone who is eligible to receive a vaccine. The latest knowledge as of February 12 is that Virginia is not likely to meet the demand for Phase 1b until March or April. It may be weeks or longer before vaccination appointments become available for those who have pre-registered. Please remember that we are working through the list as quickly as we can with the number of vaccine doses available to us.