The following home and land transfers were recorded at the Rappahannock County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office Oct. 4-7:

Hampton, Town of Washington

John G. Jackson, executor of the estate of William Curtis Hise to Rex VA 22, LLC, 1.05 acres, $432,000, deed bargain sale, special warranty, tax map 20-A-1-79

David R. Millard and Mary Ann Best, husband and wife, to 667 Main Street, LLC, 0.633 acres, deed bargain sale, exempt pursuant to Virginia Code, special warranty, tax map 20A-1-5A


Nicholas Jared Parker and Isabella Christine Fish to Nicholas Jared Parker, 1.72 acres, deed of gift, general warranty, tax map 32-9

William E. Bowles to Joseph Robert Cosenza, 5.245 acres, $419,000, general warranty, tax map 30-3-5

Rappahannock County

Starlene Smith and Trevor Thompson to Trevor Lee Thompson and Elisha Sarlene Johnson, 1.2514 acres, no consideration, deed of gift, general warranty, tax map 13-80F

Lorraine G. Early, Trustee of the Lorraine G. Early trust, Early Investments, LLC, Sonja Lynn Early Betts to Sonja Lynn Early Betts, Early Investments, LLC, 3.4890 acres, no consideration, deed of gift, tax map 32-38F


Willie C. Williams to Gregory R. Kelley, lots 21,22, blok 4, section F, Plate 6 BRME, $300,000, deed bargain sale, general warranty, tax map 1F-1-4-21

REW Land LLC and RLP Investments LC to Scott Eugene Strayer and Kimberly Ann Strayer, married couple, 43.000 acres, $315,000, general warranty, tax map 21-31D

Building permits

Thomas M. Woods, Sperryville, electric service, $4,000


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