Loudoun County Circuit Court Judge Stephen Sincavage on Friday dismissed a case against  Washington, Virginia, residents after nobody could corroborate the complainant’s accusations of harassment against them.

Doris Critzer filed separate complaints against Hong Cue Baldwin and her son Thomas Baldwin in May 2021, alleging that Hong Cue shot a bullet through her window and threatened to put a lit cigarette in a gas can under her porch. She also alleged that Thomas Baldwin was constantly moving the marker that separated their properties, and that he became hostile when she confronted him.

Critzer, who represented herself, called several witnesses, none of whom were able to corroborate her claims. This case was on appeal by Critzer from the Rappahannock County General District Court, and Critzer said that Commonwealth Attorney Art Goff refused to represent her.

Judge Sincavage dismissed the case because of a lack of evidence to back Critzer’s claims.

“She thinks these things are happening… it’s not reality,” said attorney Antonio Benedi, who was representing the Baldwins. 

The incident involving the window happened 20 years ago, according to Critzer. While some of her witnesses remembered seeing a broken window, no one could corroborate her claims that it was broken by her neighbors. None of her witnesses could speak to the allegedly moved property markers.

Critzer claimed that her witnesses were lying, and said her goal was to stop Baldwin's alleged threats to her life.


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