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The study credits events like 2019’s SperryFest with helping to build community but, “We need to find new ways to connect with each other,” said SCA president Kerry Sutten.

The nonprofit Sperryville Community Alliance is seeking residents of Rappahannock County and the village to serve on its board, as well as the Sperryville Trail Advisory and SperryFest Organizing Committees.

These volunteer opportunities are a great way to engage with the community, meet neighbors and contribute to the quality of life in Sperryville and Rappahannock County, President Kerry Sutten said in a news release.

The Sperryville Committee Alliance Board, which has an opening, is comprised of between four and six members who live or work in Sperryville. The board promotes activities that enhance the safety, inclusion, and vitality of our community. According to Sutten, ideal candidates work with other board members to envision and execute community-oriented activities as well as seek funding opportunities for community programs.


The Sperryville Trail Advisory Committee manages the maintenance, enhancement and expansion of the network of hiking trails in the area sponsored by the organization. The committee, comprised of four to six members, has the authority to manage the operation and maintenance of the existing trail, execute grant funding, plan for expansion and implement enhancements. Ideal candidates have experience in recreational and/or environmental activities and are driven to make a positive contribution to the community, Sutten said.

The SperryFest Organizing Committee organizes and operates the annual SperryFest community celebration and Sperryville Community Alliance duck race fundraiser scheduled for April 30. Action-oriented organizers with a fun spirit are ideal candidates, according to Sutten. Members can live or work in Sperryville or Rappahannock County and must be committed to creating a well-planned and organized community event, he said.

To apply, email info@sperryfest.org and explain why you would make a good board or committee member. Applications are due by Jan. 31 and will be reviewed and approved in early February. 

Additional details on these volunteer activities are available at www.sperryfest.org or by talking to any of the Alliance Board members including Robert Archer, Anita Carshult, Susan Huff, Kim Nelson, or Kerry Sutten.

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