Chris Parrish, a farmer and Rappahannock native, said he’s always tried to take the “middle of the road common sense approach” throughout his three terms on the Board of Supervisors.

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I am writing to thank Chris Parrish for his excellent service to Rappahannock County. He helped to guide the county with wisdom, patience and common sense through a very turbulent time after John McCarthy left as County Administrator. 

He persevered in finding a talented, smart County Administrator Garrey Curry. Mr. Parrish was always civil and courteous to all those appearing before the Board of Supervisors and took the time to listen to the thoughts and opinions of the citizens of Rappahannock, whether or not he initially agreed with them. Contrary to Mr. Ron Frazier’s assertions, Mr. Parrish was well prepared for each Board of Supervisors meeting and he was especially well-prepared for those meetings on the school connector trail and on broadband. 

He had a detailed and well researched understanding of the financing for both these projects and he was always careful, perhaps even more than I might like, about spending any county funds. We were truly lucky to have such a thoughtful, fair public official.

Steph Ridder

Flint Hill



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