Rappahannock Rapidan Community Resources' van service is free and safe. 

If you can't drive, Rappahannock County can be a difficult place to live. If you use a wheelchair, it is even harder since commercial wheelchair transport is practically non-existent. But, as is so often the case, regional nonprofit and government organizations work with volunteers in the area to fill the void. In this case, the program is called Care-A-Van and can be reached at 540- 829-5300.

Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services (RRCS) owns and maintains vans that are modified for wheelchair transport. Trained volunteer drivers use the vans to provide door-to-door transit for healthcare and legal appointments. This wheelchair transport service is open to anyone with a disability, and is free and safe (See:

Care-A-Van focuses specifically on people using wheelchairs. But there are many other organizations in our county that also provide transportation services with volunteer drivers. These different organizations serve different groups. Some organizations focus on people over 50, some on cancer patients, some on the disabled, some on veterans, and some are more flexible and try to help anybody in need of transportation.

A trained specialist with the Foothills Area Mobility System call center will coordinate the request and get it to the right organization – Rapp at Home, Voltran, the Rappahannock Senior Center or Road to Recovery. Two days notice is usually required, but more lead time before the appointment makes it easier to schedule a volunteer to cover the trip.

To become a volunteer Care-a-Van driver, contact RRCS at


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