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Hunters Rd.

The Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission has adopted the RRRC Active Transportation Plan, marking the first time that such a measure has been endorsed.  

Previously, the commission developed several bicycle and pedestrian inventory documents reflecting existing and limited planned improvements. The Active Transportation Plan incorporates a more robust data collection process, stakeholder involvement, locality assessments and includes additional outdoor recreation activities including river access and connections and equestrian accommodations.

The Active Transportation Plan aims to support and provide context to the continued development of a regionally integrated active transportation system and identifies five goals for a regional active transportation system:

— Enhance connectivity

— Improve safety

— Encourage the development of an interconnected, multi-locality active transportation network

— Support economic development and tourism through investments in the active transportation system

— Develop and more accessible and equitable active transportation network

The plan can be used as a tool for localities that have already made investments in active transportation, as well as for localities that may be considering where active transportation infrastructure may fit into their short, mid, and long-range planning goals.  

Local decisions will guide the overall implementation of any recommendations in the Active Transportation Plan or other locally-specific plans, though opportunities to consider multi-jurisdictional projects are also highlighted in the plan.