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Security precautions around the U.S. Capitol for Wednesday's inauguration are extensive, including these Virginia National Guard soldiers.

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The cover page of the Rappahannock News of Jan. 14 told me I needed to write. Following MSM [mainstream media] propaganda by labeling January 6 rioting an “insurrection” boded ill; the majority of the letters to the editor energetically followed suit. I cannot begin to respond to every abrasive statement, but let me offer a few highlights for the reader to reconsider, question and dialogue.

Why is a three-month siege of a federal court house [in Portland, Ore.], with scores of law enforcement wounded (some permanently), murders, rampant burning and looting, and that “CHOP” zone, labeled “peaceful protest,” but a couple-hundred people entering the Capitol is an “insurrection?”

The deaths of 6 January included three natural causes, one unarmed woman shot by police, and one officer died, apparently of a stroke after returning to his office without visible medical need. All tragic, but not First Bull Run. It is already proven that some of the violence and invasion were instigated/committed by infiltrating left wing agitators, so the forecasting a right-wing revolution seems premature.

As does condemning those who attended the scheduled peaceful rally. A pause for facts and reflection seems in order.

The East Lawn is not “trespassing”; I have been on it many times, as demonstrator and jogging from the Pentagon.

Attorney General Barr did not say that there was “no” fraud during the November election; he said there was not yet enough evidence of sufficient fraud to reverse the outcome.

It is not true that 60 courts found no fraud; I believe that every single court dismissed the filings without considering ANY evidence: they were procedural or “standing” rulings.

I watched the computer forensics testimony to the Georgia Senate before YouTube deleted it: they could find no innocent explanation for the observed DECREMENTs of Trump votes that occurred all night (amazing outcome of counting new ballots). A popular CNN video capture shows previous tallies in the bottom banner and fewer Trump votes in the current reports from Pennsylvania. I watched the video of boxes of ballots appearing from under tables after observers were kicked out. I have seen NO explanations of these phenomena. There are also dead/felon/double voters documented, and the 1000-plus sworn affidavits of election irregularities not yet investigated.

But I have seen plenty of impassioned denials that there was “any evidence of fraud.”

Congress accepted the reported electoral college votes; I have a new president-elect. I am not going to pursue hounding the new administration with manufactured tales of Russian collusion. But to deny that there was corruption in this election: to not pursue it to disprove or prosecute it, is only going to guarantee that the stark divisions that sunder this country will propagate. I also want to restore the First Amendment, which is taking some serious hits lately.

The writer lives in Amissville.

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