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Years ago, my late husband Jack Dwyer and I traveled to California to see some of the wondrous beauty there. Majestic Lake Tahoe was one stop and there I loved the striking sailboat surrounded by snow capped mountains. That called to my mind the quote, “You can’t change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails.”

Change has been stealthily happening here in our beloved Rappahannock County for years, seemingly unnoticed by some living here. Think about the phrase commonly stated by some: “We want Rappahannock to stay the way it is.” That “way,” I believe, is based on memories of bygone days when there were more families, more homes nestled around the county, jobs in now greatly diminished apple orchard businesses and the long gone Aileen Plant.

The winds of change have blown those away and the sails in our community boat need to be adjusted to provide the best way to go forward into the future most of us want, a viable future with more jobs established, homes to replace the many lost for multiple reasons over the years, more families, children laughing in appreciation of the myriad of the outdoor natural joys we hold dear. Think about how, together, we can accomplish this and sail forward, if you will, on a newly charted course.

The writer lives in Washington


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