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On behalf of RAAC and its members, the Artist Relief Committee wants to let the arts community know that we are closing the project for the rest of the year, effective July 15.

We were honored to be able to help so many artists whose finances suffered from the economic slump due to the pandemic. In 2020 and 2021, we were able to help 27 artists financially with stipends up to $500. Some artists applied again in 2021 so we were able to distribute about $20,000. We hope this lifted the spirits of recipients and affirmed our commitment to Rappahannock’s artist community and the community at large.  

Please follow RAAC through our website (www.raac.org) and be on the lookout for emails and newspaper announcements for activities and programs we will offer in the months ahead.  Assuming the pandemic risks continue to abate we’ll be doing more public offerings you might again enjoy; among them the Fall Art Tour, No Ordinary Person and a Christmas Play. 

Let’s celebrate together our return to health and wellness,

The RAAC Artist Relief Committee


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