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I am writing to you once again about the proposed Mt. Airy/Taylor subdivision on Woodward Road. I am not a lawyer and I’m not a planner, but I do have some common sense and try to differentiate between right and wrong. So here are a few questions for consideration:

  1. Bill Fletcher said he would like to buy three or four (or was it five?) of these lots. Would that not defeat even the best intention of making homes available to our teachers? Any smart investor would realize the potential profit to be gained from being a first-in-line buyer of several lots. Over the past year home values have increased more than 30 percent. An investor could hold one of these lots for one year and sell at a 30 percent profit. 

  1. If I just bought a lot, but I want to have a two-story house instead of a one-story house, is anyone going to tell me I can’t build the home I want? 

  1. I have purchased a lot that backs onto Woodward Road, right at the top where it is most beautiful. I see where the new subdivision street is — farther down from the crest of the hill on the map — but I want to go out the back way. Is there anything written that says I can’t create a nice little driveway off my own property onto a public street? Does Mr. Taylor intend to build a wall?

  1. Say my front door is 10 feet from Woodward Road. To accommodate the traffic to and from Mr. Taylor’s subdivided property, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has agreed to widen the road. They will need to take five feet from my property and five feet from my neighbor’s on the other side of the road. How can I protect my property? This is not for the common good. It is for one person’s profit.

  1. Let’s pretend Mr. Taylor is successful in getting VDOT to agree to create two turning lanes at the bridge on Route 211. Who pays for that work? Who pays for the bridge? My tax dollars? What if VDOT does not agree to spend the money for turning lanes on Route 211 and no one agrees to pay to reinforce the bridge (which must carry construction trucks and fire engines and meet the flood regulations of the Army Corps of Engineers etc.). Despite plans to the contrary, will all the traffic travel along Woodward Road?  

  1. Who will pay for the maintenance of roads to the subdivision homes?

  1. Say my grandson comes to visit. He drives to a music program in the new Dulcimer Museum, housed in what was once the Estes Mill. At 11 p.m. he drives home, taking the circuitous Estes Mill Road up the hill to Woodward. This is dangerous in broad daylight on a sunny day. It’s raining. He is hit by an oncoming car. Will we all carry that blame?

I really dislike having this kind of dialogue about a problem. However, I think that the total negative impact of the Taylor request for rezoning is regrettable. It does nothing for affordable housing. I would love to have more young families in Sperryville. This plan does not invite them.

Please vote NO.

The writer lives in Sperryville


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