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We are fortunate to be in a community bursting with creative and talented persons willing to share their stories, art, wisdom, skills and interests. The Library’s local author section reflects this, as the section includes works by more than 120 different local authors, many of whom have created multiple works, leaving our collection at over 230 titles and growing. Subjects and genres range from local history, biography and autobiography, various nonfiction, poetry, fiction, and children’s picture books. Many of these books also include local art and artists with contributors being residents or former residents of Rappahannock County.

Some recent additions include: “The Writing of the Gods: The Race to Decode the Rosetta Stone” by Edward Dolnick; “Gourdvine Black and White: Slavery and the Kilby Families of the Virginia Piedmont” by Timothy Kilby; “Treasure Island: Finding Gold (#3)”Richard Antony; “Come on in, I’ll Tell You a Story” by Peter Hornboste;  “Finding Comfort During Hard Times: A Guide to Healing after Disaster, Violence, and Other Community Trauma” by Earl Johnson; and “Love Will Find Your Home” written by Dr. Adam Starks and illustrated by Natasha Payne-Brunson. 

The most popular title by a local author, according to circulation statistics, is “Beyond the Rim: From Slavery to Redemption in Rappahannock County, Virginia” by the late James G. Russell. Other titles with high circulation include: “The Monks of Tibhirine: Faith, Love, and Terror in Algeria” by John Kiser, G; Mason’s “In the Land of Rob Trilogy,” and local histories including, but certainly not limited to, “Washington, Virginia: A History, 1735-2018” by Maureen I. Harris; Mary Elizabeth Hites’ “My Rappahannock Storybook;” “On the Morning Side of the Blue Ridge: A Glimpse of Rappahannock County’s Past” compiled by Daphne Hutchinson and Theresa Reynolds; and “Rappahannock County, Virginia, A History” by Elisabeth B. Johnson. 

This is a miniscule snapshot of the section, which is well worth checking out, or adding to. If you would like to contribute your work or suggest we purchase an author’s work(s) that we do not have in our collection, please visit us at 4 Library Rd in Washington or contact us via telephone 540-675-3780 or email (

The writer is director of the Rappahannock County Library


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