Closeup of the dome of the US Capitol by night

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What we saw recently in our nation’s capital is the culmination of political craziness, which has been building in this country over many years. 

There is ample evidence that there was some corruption of the recent voting processes, yet no evidence proven that it was enough to have overturned the election results. With 75 million voters choosing President Trump for reelection and also increasing the number of Republicans in the House of Representatives, we are living in a deeply divided country. Some are even predicting the coming of a Second American Civil War. 

We should not be surprised that many are feeling that our democratic systems are unfair, as illustrated last summer with the venting of frustrations in our nation with riots, looting, the occupying of government buildings, and in setting a fire to a church near the White House. 

When our political leaders and courts reward such behavior by allowing those assaults to go unpunished, this kind of civil unrest is thereby encouraged. Many called our police officers racist and demanded the defunding of police departments with, in effect, also demanding that minorities who commit crimes not be arrested. Are we no longer a country of enforced laws?

We could make a case that President Trump contributed to the craziness by claiming that it would be possible to stop the confirmation process for Joe Biden (similar attempts have failed after past elections). 

You could also make a case that after years of a bogus claim that President Trump had colluded with Russia to win the election in 2016, hostility between the political parties had intensified. 

After the first charges developed to impeach President Trump were proven to be invalid, a week later the House of Representatives came up with a different charge. The new charge was based on what was thought to be going through the president’s mind during a conversation with the Ukrainian president. As with the attempt to stop the certification process for Joe Biden, the removal of President Trump after the House impeachment had a zero chance of success in the Senate, but politics drove the attempt forward. Sound familiar? 

Last Thursday, the House of Representatives introduced new impeachment articles to remove President Trump from the presidency in the few days before the 20th of January, when he will leave office. There is a zero chance that he would be removed, especially since members of Congress have already begun to leave Washington to go home, but they did it anyway. Pure politics. 

Reports have just been released that Joe Biden has suggested that the Capitol Police were racist in their recent action against the rioters. Biden stated that “had those rioters been from Black Lives Matter, the Capitol Police would have reacted very, very differently.” 

How is that for inciting racial tensions in our country? Ashli Babbitt was killed by a Capitol Police officer performing his duties during the riot. Had she been black, should that police officer now be charged with murder? Ridiculous!

We as a nation cannot have lawlessness condoned or encouraged if we are to have the nation we deserve and is as guaranteed under our Constitution’s Bill of Rights. There is equal blame on both political sides for inciting tensions and public outrage. Let us pray that sanity returns to our politicians and a Second Civil War will never happen. America should serve as that Beacon on the Hill for justice and civility. Should we demand from our political leaders anything less?

— The writer lives in Sperryville.

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