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“Face coverings” and masks will not prevent viral infections. “Face coverings” and masks will not give you health and well being. This is not opinion. This is valid science which I provided in a letter to Virginia Health Commissioner, Dr. M. Norman Oliver. I am happy to share it with anyone. 

What do you think the consequences are for nearly an entire society believing, perpetuating, and living out a lie? 

What are the consequences for teaching the youth of our country false belief systems and ideologies pertaining to their health and well being? 

As I write this article, according to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data, the fatality rate for COVID-19 is as follows: 

0-19 yrs. old: 0.00003 

20-49 yrs. old: 0.0002 

50-69 yrs. old: 0.005 

70+ yrs. old: 0.054 

According to this data, COVID-19 has a lower fatality rate than seasonal influenza, which is around 0.1. 

Somehow facts do not matter anymore. 

The media perpetuates and disseminates false information, social media censors doctors and scientists that present valid and truthful information, hysteria ensues, the public buys the lie about “face” coverings and masks, and our Health Commissioner states that he is going to mandate a vaccination for every Virginian. 

Throughout this pandemic I’ve only heard two things from Dr. Oliver: 

1) He is going to mandate a vaccination for all Virginians 

2) And an email sent to health care professionals as a reminder to wear “face coverings” and complaints received about Virginians and health care professionals not wearing “face coverings”.

But what about: Exercise; staying away from alcohol, tobacco, sugar; taking vitamins such as C, D3, and Zinc; spending time outside and in sunlight; weight loss and the dangers of obesity; positive mindsets; chiropractic adjustments and the relationship between structure and function of the body.

Why hasn’t Dr. Oliver mandated any of this? 

Where is the email to health care professionals about the importance of health and well being? 

Why hasn’t Dr. Oliver mandated: 

1) Triage clinics outside hospitals providing medical ozone? 

2) Thymosin Alpha 1 for health care workers exposed to heavy viral loads? 

3) IV vitamins such as a “Myer’s cocktail”? 

Most of you reading this probably have no idea what I am even talking about and that is my point. Well then, let me spell it out for you: We have inept elected and appointed officials as well as a populace that has forgotten they are a free and powerful people. 

Sovereignty, accountability, and the understanding that your health is your responsibility and my health is my responsibility have been sacrificed for ideological narratives and mandates that are unconstitutional and falsely scientific. 

How is “contact tracing” and websites created to report fellow citizens for not wearing masks tolerated and accepted? Instead of fighting these unconstitutional mandates and totalitarian behaviors and actions, citizens don cloth masks and attack each other for not following the rules. 

As a doctor for 20 years and a lifelong athlete I will say that our society has been sick way before COVID. COVID has NOT made us victims. You are only a victim if you choose to be. COVID is our opportunity to reclaim our sovereignty and clearly see how elected and appointed officials choose their political ideologies over what is scientifically valid and constitutional.

Here in America, we do not live by “fair weather” freedoms. These freedoms are our birthright endowed to us by our Creator and protected by the Constitution. Our freedoms do not end where fear and ignorance begin. 

I am going to choose Truth, Freedom, and Sovereignty over political ideology, fear, and ignorance. I hope you do the same. 

— The writer holds a doctorate in Chiropractic (DC). Before moving to Sperryville he practiced in New York and Boulder, CO. 

Editor’s note: Jacob Sullum, senior editor at Reason who writes extensively on health care, reports at the end of September 2020 that the CDC’s latest COVID-19 mortality counts “indicate that the crude case fatality rate is around 28 percent for patients 85 and older and 18 percent for 75-84-year-olds. That rate falls to about 8 percent for 65-to-74-year-olds, 2 percent for 50-64 years-olds, 0.6 percent for patients in their 40s, 0.2 percent for patients in their 30s, 0.06 percent for patients in their late teens and early 20s, 0.02 percent for 5-to-17-year-olds, and 0.04 percent for children 4 and younger. The CDC’s overall IFR [infection fatality rate] estimate implies that COVID-19, while not nearly as lethal as many people initially feared, is about six times as deadly as the seasonal flu. But as with the flu, the risk is highest for the elderly, and the difference in the case of COVID-19 is huge. The estimated IFR for people in their 70s is 11 times the rate for 50-69-year-olds, 270 times the rate for 20-49-year-olds, and 1,800 times the rate for people younger than 20. In the latter two groups, the estimated IFR is lower than the overall IFR for the seasonal flu.” [“The Latest CDC Estimates of COVID-19's Infection Fatality Rate Vary Dramatically With Age,” Jacob Sullum, Reason, Sept. 29, 2020].

Separately, the CDC warned last week that even moderate excess weight may increase the odds of a severe case of COVID-19 among Americans. Whereas 40 percent of U.S. adults are obese, another 32 percent are simply “overweight.” The overweight patients, the CDC said, were 40 percent more likely to die than healthy weight patients: “The message is to strive to make health changes on a daily basis, through healthy food choices, choices about physical activity, and getting sufficient sleep.”

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