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David Konick’s 2017 write-in campaign for Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors was fueled by a longtime compassion for the county, its way of life and a desire to see things done right, absence of favoritism and the rule of law.  As write-in candidacies typically fall short of their goal due to their nature, so it did for Konick, but the point here is that he stepped up to the plate when called upon by fellow citizens despite the long odds. He did not cower in defeat, he continued as a champion for Rappahannock County and the way of life that so many of us sought and continue to seek. Offering his time to serve on multiple county boards, striving to make the county government better and representing its citizens when the government overstepped its authority demonstrates what this man is all about. Whether for, against, or with the county government, the common thread is he works for the good of Rappahannock.   

As a native Virginian growing up in rural Manassas I enjoyed the benefits of a small community, but later that community deteriorated. In its quest for growth, the community became sterile — you knew few neighbors in a land where development was forced on rural citizens. We moved on.

Our desire to make the Town of Washington our home was blocked, and litigation initiated over denial by its historic district commission. As our legal counsel, I learned a lot about Konick. Not only did he provide excellent representation, but he became a friend. I had an opportunity to understand what makes this maverick tick. Smart, irritating, loyal, overbearing, dedicated, are all terms that at some point can, have and will be applied to Konick.

It’s clear that Konick has a love for Rappahannock and preserving its rural environment. He is dedicated to seeing Rappahannock protected from an inevitable attack of creeping growth. He knows that developers with political influence and pockets deeper than the county will attack shortfalls in Rappahannock’s archaic zoning ordinances and push Rappahannock down the road of Prince William, Fauquier and Culpeper Counties. Rappahannock’s uniqueness will be lost forever.

Konick’s election presents an opportunity for Rappahannock to prepare going forward. His legal perspective and unwavering passion for the land is desperately needed to maintain a quality enjoyed in Rappahannock continues today even more so as the inevitable of 2017 becomes reality now.  If voters are not concerned about the small bites that unconstrained growth and rampant development take from the apple, soon the apple will be gone.

Don’t think it can’t happen. It can, it has, and it will continue. Konick is best suited and should be trusted with the responsibility of protecting Rappahannock’s way of life. His election to the Board of Supervisors presents an opportunity that those who love the county and want to see fairness and consideration applied to all of its citizens should grasp. Devolution of lifestyle can be one supervisor’s vote away.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island, South Carolina


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