Fog And Mist In The Mountains On The Skyline Drive In Shenandoah National Park In Virginia

Fog and mist in the mountains on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park.

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Our county is rich with wildlife, phenomenal natural beauty and a unique community of remarkable people. Our rivers literally run with gold. And yet, our leaders couldn’t cover a $1 million education budget shortfall without imposing additional taxes on our community and our visitors.

Our Board of Supervisors’ strategy to govern this special land has been to obstruct and delay development in order to preserve the county’s cultural charms and its aesthetic beauty. It's time to be honest: this strategy hasn’t worked. The county has changed, and it will continue to do so, and the cost of our leaders’ strategy has been the stagnation of revenue streams while inflation has sored. In other words, the county is broke and working a dead-end job; It's time for some new ideas.

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