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The Robert E. Lee Memorial in Richmond.

This matter is not complicated. It is simply a difference of opinion. We who honor the courage and sacrifice of our ancestors of the South are not the sort of folks who are going to apologize for who we are, or for that matter, who they were. Attacking and tearing down symbols of their memory is a destructive act that hardens feelings and poisons the well of goodwill. And anyone who studies the American journey should know well not to castigate the past generations who were living within the common wisdom and practices of their time. To not understand that leads to "presentism", the practice of judging the past by the present, a fool's errand if ever there was one. 

Don't like Christopher Columbus? Tear it down. Don't like Theodore Roosevelt? Tear it down. Don't like Lincoln? Tear it down before the Park Police arrive. Shame on these fools, for fools is what they are. They are not victims. Genuine victims don't have the luxury of hanging out in the CHOP Zone for a couple of weeks getting drunk and dealing dope.

Don't think that those who don't buy into the Black Lives Matter movement are not people of good will. That is not to say that there are not many people of "bad will" on every side of the issue, for there surely are. Black Lives Matter, (as opposed to the successful bridge building of the Civil Rights Movement led by Dr. King and his allies) is a "my way or the highway" outfit, that seeks the "cultural cleansing" of anything they deem "hurtful", according to their philosophy, which owes a lot to "Cultural Marxism," the vogue French philosophy of the left.

The whole "reign of terror" imposed by BLM on the cities of our nation is a stain on our ability to address problems, even continuing problems, at a grass roots level of straight talk and action. So many people were genuinely hurt by that week long “wilding”: Small business owners of every race who had put their life's work and savings in those places. Employees of large retail outlets that are out of work due to the trashing and burning of their businesses.

Think of the old retired black cop who was shot dead for protecting his friend's pawn shop. That was brought to you courtesy of Black Lives Matter.

So,go along with it if you really think that makes anybody other than yourself better off. But I got bad news for you. That way leads to much worse trouble. 


If the knee-jerk bleeding hearts of Rappahannock really want to make some progress, they would get off their cans and go to work on something that needs to be done. It is all talk. And it is all posturing. All of it. And I'd appreciate it if someone would forward this to the local BLM folks.

Jones, a former U.S. congressman who resides in Rappahannock County, is an honorary Life Member of the NAACP and the Sons of Confederate Veterans

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