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Surely the lead story in this past week’s Rappahannock News, headlined “How does the County move forward after a contentious election?” was tongue in cheek satire, right? 

For much of that “contention” appeared to have been the result of the News’ own overheated trashing of candidate David Konick, the apparent bete noir of the RappNews/Foothills Forum contingent. 

In fact, the “Where do we go from here?” story continued its personal bashing of Konick, as if this were all his fault. Either the newspaper staff is completely clueless regarding the English language comprehension of their readers in our county, or they truly don’t think that they were part of the cheerleading squad for Mr. Van Carney.

As if they hadn’t done enough for Carney, the story by Julia Shanahan offers up a new little hearsay tidbit after the election, stating “Konick, despite a checkered past that includes making acerbic and homophobic comments, among other controversies, was widely endorsed for his experience in office and understanding of local zoning ordinances.”

Is the News implying here that an “acerbic” wit is a bad thing, and a political negative? Who breaks that bad news to the late Dorothy Parker or to Seinfeld or to every comic and humorist who ever told a joke?  Does the newspaper know someone around here who doesn’t have a “checkered” past? I don’t know anyone, including Mr. Carney, who would willingly submit to a dose of “truth serum,” do you?

In fact, if every candidate who at one time or another had made an acerbic comment were punished for it, there wouldn’t be anybody left to apply to be our “public, uh, servants.” Or journalists, for that matter.

As for “homophobic comments,” is that now illegal? What qualifies for that these days?

So what? I spent much of my life in theatre and have known and worked with hundreds of gay folks since the early 1960s. And they were the source of much of the “homophobic” language that I have heard. So please get out of here with that language police stuff. We are all grownups. Well, mostly. Supposedly.

There is a huge issue right now that is dividing our county and it appears the Rappahannock News is blithely unaware of it. And that issue is the proposed boundary adjustment, which has been part of Chuck Akre’s plan since before the “Swamp Commons” was even announced.

It seems to me that if the county Board of Supervisors votes to support that, the divisions which now exist in our beloved Patch of Paradise will seem trivial in comparison. That would be the meanest of insults to our traditional community and would reverberate for decades.

(It is worth stating from the “git-go” that Mr. Carney is a tenant of Mr. Akre’s and could not ethically participate in that matter.) 

The old friction between “been here” and “come here” is still in play, you know. And that doesn’t have to be the case. 

It is long past time that the Foothills Forum invited some of their long-time critics to the table for an eyeball to eyeball discussion about this “division,” which in my opinion and in the opinion of many others, is due in large part to that organization.

The writer lives in Harris Hollow


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