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Rep. Bob Good, who represents Rappahannock County and Virginia’s 5th District, wrote to Lord Fairfax Community College President Kim Blosser on April 23:

Dear Dr. Blosser, 

As a representative of the people of Fauquier County and the surrounding areas primarily served by Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC), I respectfully ask that the LFCC advisory board reconsider their decision to change the school's name. 

This decision is a direct response to the “cancel culture” movement, which looks to reject people and ideas that do not fit the current politically correct narrative. Efforts such as these encourage an endless cycle of renaming institutions, buildings, and cities across the country under the ruse of political wokeness. As is the case with Lord Fairfax, it is unfortunate that social pressures overpower the character and legacy of these “canceled” individuals. 

There is significant opposition to shifting the name of the college after 50 years. My constituents agree that Lord Fairfax was an honored and distinguished member of society. As you know, Lord Fairfax was a British Virginia resident and supported England during the Revolutionary War. Despite this, Lord Fairfax and George Washington maintained a friendship, demonstrating civility despite fundamental disagreement. 

I agree with the historian on the LFCC work group who said: “I am not justifying slavery. But removing names of individuals who lived at a time when slavery was not questioned for only that reason is a clear case of using modem ethical standards to condemn people whose crime was failing to rise above the prevailing standards of their time, which would be grossly unfair and ahistorical.” 

It is important to preserve historic names for our posterity. A well-respected community college such as LFCC is the perfect environment to include all aspects of historic events, engage diverse viewpoints, and inspire robust conversation as we remember our nation's history. We must support the mission of LFCC and preserve the institution as it is currently known. 

I hope that you will take our constituents’ thoughts into consideration and reverse this decision. 


Bob Good