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Who gets to decide when there is a crisis or a problem that needs to be addressed?  

The more people I talk to tell me there is no housing crisis in Rappahannock County. Yes, there are some people who would like to live here, but find it financially difficult to do so. 

That does not mean that Rappahannock has a housing crisis.  

You can always find a handful of people who would like to live in certain places but can’t afford to do that. Heck, I might like to live in Hollywood, but I couldn’t afford to live there. Does that mean that Hollywood has a housing crisis and ought to start building low income housing?  

I don’t think so.  

If I assemble a group of real estate folks and some home builders and some developers and others hoping to make a fast buck, and throw in a few late arriving do-gooders who want to feel good about themselves, I guarantee you I can get a consensus that says we need low income housing. That don’t make it so!  

Rappahannock County was doing just fine before the Foothills Foolishness arrived on our doorstep and we will be doing just fine when they are nothing but a distasteful memory.  

It is past time for the citizens of the county to wake up and let your voices be heard. These people are once again rallying their forces to get changes made to our zoning and to get the support of the Board of Supervisors.  

The developers have their bulldozers lined up and waiting for a crack in our line of defense. They will press for changes in every comprehensive plan and planning document that has, to this point, kept this sort of demented thinking at bay.  

Friends, we may not be, as a county, the cheapest place to live in the commonwealth. But, think about it.  Is that what you want?  

— The writer lives in Flint Hill.

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