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As Rappahannock voters prepare to go to the polls this fall, we have a responsibility to closely examine the choices before us, as well as the rhetoric by which we are surrounded. 

“Unprecedented.” The media certainly likes to throw this word around. 

While we are currently facing many challenges that have given rise to use of the term — and a presidential election at the same time — I'm not sure these things are truly “unprecedented.” Our beloved United States of America has endured much over her history, including pandemics, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and economic recessions. She has endured, persisted, and prospered, often growing in positive ways as a result of hardship. 

What is unprecedented is the stark decision we face this year at the voting booth: the dramatic differences between the candidates, and the fundamental change in America's culture — our lives — that hangs in the balance. The JFK Democrats are gone! Biden and his team have swung left past liberalism and progressivism. He now embraces the unacceptable ideas of AOC, Bernie Sanders, and his running mate, Kamala Harris, and the complete erosion of our freedoms. This is an open fight between individual and economic freedoms — personal safety, peace in our communities, freedom to prosper from our endeavors unhampered by unnecessary government interference. Basically we will choose between constitutional rights on one hand, or chaos, fear, impossible economic proposals, and governmental intrusion into virtually all aspects of life on the other hand. 

Consider the Democrats’ “green new deal” — which touches every aspect of our lives and how we live. This ridiculous plan will gut our economy and place prosperity beyond the reach of the average citizen. In places like Rappahannock County, these politicians are telling us that cattle are “bad” for the earth. Don't eat beef, and don't raise it, or expect to be judged. All oil and gas must go, even before we have viable alternative energy sources. 

Choices in education will be decreased and severely limited. Curricula will further demean our country's efforts and successes on equality , the heroism Americans have shown since our founding to fight evil around the globe, and the goodness in the hearts of most of our citizens. 

Expect continued assaults on religious freedom and the right to keep and bear arms. Our ability to defend ourselves and our neighbors will diminish, along with support for law enforcement and public safety resources. A public dialogue that identifies and measures the need for improved police training and procedures may be beneficial; but defunding overworked and under-equipped police agencies can only hurt performance of their critical public safety function. 

Our freedom to think, believe, and speak will be increasingly under attack. The positions taken by the radical wings of BLM, Antifa, and the like will become increasingly anti-American and violent. 

Most of us old enough to vote recall from our American history class that this country was founded by very brave souls who stood up to tyranny and the ruling class. Those fearless men and women carefully crafted a system of freedoms that would provide a better life for themselves, their descendents, and all citizens of this country. They intentionally limited unnecessary governmental interference in our lives, understanding that the ultimate goal was freedom -- the right of each of us to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That constitutional system has seen us through almost 250 years of challenges, and we will rise again to resolve the challenges we face today. Only if we vote for liberty. The alternative choice presented by Biden/Webb/Warner is both unprecedented and unacceptable. 

Choose wisely — and vote for freedom. 

The writer, a resident of Castleton, is chairman of the Rappahannock County Republican Committee.

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