capitol riot

The scene outside the U.S. Capitol Jan. 6, 2021

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After calling into question Supervisor Ron Frazier’s participation in the Trump-inspired march on the U.S. Capitol on January 6 to stop the counting of the Electoral College votes and steal the presidential election for Trump, I hear that local Republicans leaders are planning a “tidal wave” of support for Frazier at the next Board of Supervisors meeting on February 1. 

This is although Frazier’s potentially insurrectionist behavior is not even on the agenda. That’s because he has yet to account exactly for what he did that day, relying on surrogates to do the talking for him. 

He did post on social media that: “We were on the ground. Not sure about any property damage but a woman that tried to breach was shot.” Later he declared — alarmingly — to the Rappahannock News that he had seen “nothing that was remotely disturbing.”

Really? So where was he and what did he do? Did he attend Trump’s rally at the White House and then join the march only down Pennsylvania Avenue? 

Or did he go further and cross over the toppled barriers and police lines put in place around Capitol Hill to keep things from getting worse? 

Did he break away at that point or try to contain his fellow marchers? How far in did he go? 

The truth will eventually come out, especially when law enforcement is concerned. In our corner of paradise it would be much better for everyone’s sake if we learned the truth from Ron Frazier himself. When can we expect him to answer?

This is a time for cooler heads. Thoughtful Republicans need to reason with their friends and neighbors that now is, in fact, an opportunity for Frazier to explain himself to all his constituents, not just his supporters. 

And his supporters need to help him appreciate that staying on the wrong side of history will not make him a better supervisor. It's time for Ron Frazier to make a clean breast of it and let the Board of Supervisors get back to the real business of the people of Rappahannock.  

As to the next BoS meeting, Rappahannock Democrats should not indulge Republican fawning. We can watch online, safe at home observing pandemic restrictions. 

— The writer, a resident of Woodville, is chair of the Rappahannock County Democratic Committee.

Editor’s note: The chair of the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors, Debbie Donehey, made it clear in a previous issue of the Rappahannock News: “Mr. Frazier is known to travel to DC to hear the President speak. As far as I know, Mr. Frazier was on his way home when the trouble started. Unless something has changed, the grounds around the Capitol are public.”

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