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I have a couple of challenges for our local Democrat Party enthusiasts. The first is to diagram these opening sentences for me: “After calling into question Supervisor Ron Frazier’s participation in the Trump-inspired march on the U.S. Capitol on January 6 to stop the counting of the Electoral College votes and steal the presidential election for Trump, I hear that local Republican leaders are planning a ‘tidal wave’ of support for Frazier at the next Board of Supervisors meeting on February 1. This is although Frazier’s potentially insurrectionist behavior is not even on the agenda.”

In normal English usage, Mary-Sherman Willis is stating that it was the local Republican leaders who “(called) into question” Ron Frazier’s participation in that march. As far as I can tell, the only people who have raised questions about Mr. Frazier exercising his First Amendment Constitutional rights are the beleaguered local Democrats, searching for an issue that would change their pattern of being crushed at the local polls in every partisan election. I am appalled that this clumsy, incoherent ad hominem attack on a local Supervisor is the best the once great Democratic Party could muster in the aftermath of Joe Biden’s apparent electoral success. But as the saying goes, “the only thing worse than sore losers are sore winners.” 

With no evidence other than Mr. Frazier’s own account of attending the festive gathering at the Ellipse and the March to the Capitol along with 85,000 other Americans, Ms. Willis sinks to the lowest form of McCarthyism to imply that Ron Frazier was one of several hundred fringe radicals who attacked and ransacked the nation’s Capitol Building.

She implies this with absolutely zero evidence. I’m no lawyer, but something around here smells like slander.

I’ve known Ron Frazier for twenty years and have butted heads with him politically a time or two. But I have come to respect him and admire his dedication to public service and his untiring efforts on behalf of his constituents. 

To state that his participation in a huge public rally is “potentially insurrectionist behavior” may be the lowest, and might I say “slimiest” political assault I have ever seen in these pages. Ms.Willis’ thinking and rhetoric may be a big part of the reason our local Democratic Party is being routinely trampled in national elections here.

“McCarthyism” has never had an appeal for decent folks. And it certainly has no place in a rural paradise where “everybody knows everybody.”

— A former Democratic U.S. congressman, the writer lives in Harris Hollow.