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Last Thursday around 9:30 p.m. eleven  horses, including five of mine, escaped from their fenced pasture at Blue Rock Farm across from Rappahannock County High School on Highway 211. An alert passing motorist spotted this trouble and called 911. Rappahannock County Deputies Currence and Pollina took the call, located the horses, and moved them back from Highway 211. They also contacted the barn manager, who called me.

By the time I arrived the two deputies had already taken charge of the escapees and herded them back to their pasture, where they were secured properly. All horses were accounted for. Deputy Currence told us when he arrived the horses had moved on to the adjacent property, but that they appeared to know their way home and cooperated in voluntarily returning to their pasture. 

Deputies Currence and Pollina are to be commended for their quick response to what could have been a major crisis on Highway 211. Their compassionate and competent handling of the situation was directly responsible not only for saving the horses’ lives, but also for averting danger to passing motorists on the highway.  

My heartfelt thanks to both deputies and the unknown motorist who made the 911 call. 

Margaret Bond


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