Hearthstone’s income-based tuition program has $75,000 available for financial aid in the upcoming school year and has given over $550,000 in financial assistance in the last 10 years. Hearthstone School is a pre-K-12 Waldorf-inspired, parent cooperative, founded in 1996.

The Sperryville school is a leader in arts, nature, and service-based education. The Waldorf-inspired curriculum incorporates music, drama, art, poetry and story in the teaching of math, science, social studies, English and writing. Hearthstone borders the Shenandoah National Park where students learn science and outdoor skills. Each school year ends with a three-day canoeing and camping trip. As part of their volunteer service work, the students raised money to travel to New Orleans, Mexico, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico to help children affected by hurricanes and poverty.

Hearthstone teaches to the heart, the hands and the head. With hands-on experiences and individual attention, it is an ideal setting for children who thrive in a small, safe, nurturing and creative learning environment. The school is a Virginia state licensed daycare facility, and offers classes for homeschoolers. Hearthstone alumni have graduated from such colleges as Stanford University, the University of Texas, the University of Virginia, James Madison University, Prescott College, and the University of Arizona.

For more information, please call 540-987-9212.

Laurie Marshall

Educator, Hearthstone School Consultant & Co-Founder

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