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As proud members of the Rappahannock Electoral Board who have been trained for years to make sure our elections are fair, accurate, and appropriately run no matter who wins, Election Day 2020 was a big win for our county. 

Democrats and Republicans worked together in peaceful co-existence, whether inside the polls as Election Officials or outside the polls representing their particular political party.  

While the election was going on, neighbors were engaging neighbors, talking and laughing. There was no need for bullhorns, barriers, or police protection. We were just Rappahannockians — doing our civic duty and then coming back together as one. 

The word of the day was CALM. Nobody intimidated anyone, threatened, or derided any constituent. The voter’s choice was secret and sacred. That is truly the American  way. 

Election Day was proof that while we may disagree with the philosophies spouted and the people running, in the end we are all one. We must come together as friends, neighbors, and Americans. We certainly love a good fight, but more importantly we crave transparency and peaceful coexistence. 

Thank you Rappahannock for being model citizens. It makes the Electoral Board proud to represent you., Chairman 

Denise Chandler, Chairman 

Bob Klaus, Vice Chairman 

Dabney Kirchman, Secretary

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